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Session 3:  Badass

1:30pm - 3:00pm


Amini Bonane

Talk Title: 3 Pillars To Redefining Happiness 

Amini Bonane is a community builder, organizer, and advocate. She founded Brains Then Beauty; an empowerment organization dedicated
uplifting young adults & teens through: service, mentorship, and leadership. As a Congolese American political asylumee turned citizen; she organized globally for marginalized children & women. As an advocate, she uses her title of Miss Black DC USA to raise awareness for missing black women and the violence perpetuated against us.

She will receive a master’s degree in Government & Political Science from Harvard University; after completing a bachelor's degree in Finance Philosophy & Law from George Mason University, and an associate’s degree in Business Administration from the Richard Bland College of William & Mary. Amini has also received diplomas from The Sorensen Institute of Political Leadership at the University of Virginia and The Campaign School at Yale.


Esther Boykin

Talk Title:  The Antidote to Laziness Isn't What You Think

Esther Boykin is a psychotherapist who wants to live in a world where everyone believes that Therapy Is Not A Dirty Word. Whether in her role as CEO of Group Therapy Associates, a coach, consultant, author, or media expert, she works daily to make mental health accessible, innovative, and culturally relevant for all people.

In 2004 with a Master of Science from Virginia Tech and a vision of making mental health widely accessible to all, Esther Boykin began her career as a marriage and family therapist. Five years later, with her passion for therapy and relationships growing, Esther began her entrepreneurial journey by opening Group Therapy Associates—a psychotherapy practice in the Washington, D.C. metro area. After several years as CEO of Group Therapy Associates, Esther expanded the company to include a new division called Therapy Is Not A Dirty Word.  She was recently named a top 21 relationship expert to follow by Cosmopolitan magazine and has appeared on other media outlets.

@estherbmft (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)

LinkedIn: EstherBoykin

Vena Crichlow

Talk Title:  Three Dirty Lessons about Life

Vena Crichlow is an engaging speaker who understands the healing power of nature. For more than two decades, she has used gardening as a pathway to wellness. Her desire is to encourage people to restore
themselves through connecting to our eldest ancestor, Mother Earth.

Hailing from a long history of farmers, Vena grew up in a home where both of her parents had green thumbs and where her father grew tomatoes on their patio in Brooklyn, New York. After nurturing a multitude of houseplants indoors, Vena began growing fruits and vegetables outdoors. She now assists others who are starting indoor and outdoor garden spaces. Her work focuses on encouraging people to “play in the dirt” and to use gardening as a way to help them heal through the pain of grief and loss.

Vena enjoys traveling, spending time with family, interior design projects and creating beaded jewelry using healing crystals. She resides in the metro-Atlanta area with her two children.

Facebook: Vena Crichlow LinkedIn: vena-crichlow-339b60 Instagram: @venacrichlow @ifetayoartwear

States Attorney Braveboy

Talk Title:  States Attorney Braveboy Talks About Where Justice, Faith, & Hope Intersect

State’s Attorney Aisha Braveboy is the top law enforcement officer in Prince George’s County, Maryland.  Ms. Braveboy was the first prosecutor in Maryland, and one of the first in the nation, to strategically lower the local jail population through her celebrated initiative, Operation Safe Release and by instructing her prosecutors to discontinue the practice of requesting cash-bail.  Ms. Braveboy is expanding diversion opportunities for non-violent offenders.  She has grown the number of participants in the Back-On-Track Program, first created by Vice President Kamala Harris which gives first-time felony drug offenders a second chance.  Under Ms. Braveboy’s leadership, the program was expanded to include misdemeanor gun offenders. 

Ms. Braveboy graduated from the University of Maryland College Park, where she received her Bachelor of Arts Degree; and received her Juris Doctorate from Howard University School of Law.  Ms. Braveboy is a proud member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.

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