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  • Can I have notes on stage?
    It is important to rehearse and prepare your talk to show that you take being on the TED stage seriously. If you have some serious concerns with memorizing your talk, please speak to the curator immediately.
  • Do you pay your speakers?
    No, we do not pay our speakers. Speakers who do not live near Washington DC, must provide their own transportation and lodging accommodations.
  • What is vision behind TEDxUStreetWomen
    TEDxUStreetWomen is the place to go for thought-provoking talks and conversations about the power of women in our world today. Our events bring together powerful, inspiring female speakers from all walks of life to share their stories and impactful ideas. Our mission is to create a platform for women to be heard, in order to empower and inspire others to take action in their own lives. We have hosted events in the past that have featured some of the most influential female leaders of our time. We are passionate about creating a space for women to come together, learn from one another and be empowered. Join us and experience the power of TEDxUStreetWomen.
  • If I have questions, can I call you?
    If you have questions, please send an email to We will do our best to respond to your in a timely manner.
  • I submitted my application, but I haven’t heard from anyone?
    Due to the large number of applications, we are only able to respond to those who have advanced to the second round.
  • What are your deal breakers?
    1. Do not submit a video that does not relate to the theme. 2. Do not submit your marketing video. 3. Do not submit a link to your webpage when we ask for your bio. 4. Follow instructions completely and ask clarifying questions. We will respond as quickly as we can. 5. Sending a private audition link. We can not open it. 6. No commercial agendas. Speakers may never use the TED or TEDx stage to pitch their products or services, plug their books, or ask for funding. While entrepreneurs and business leaders can speak at TEDx events, their talk should be driven by an idea and not sell from the stage. A TEDx event is not a platform for professional or circuit speakers, such as motivational speakers and professional life coaches--it's a fine line between shameless self-promotion and wholesome self-reporting so, as a rule of thumb, if it feels like an advertisement, it probably is. 7. No political agendas or inflammatory rhetoric. 8. No religious agendas. 9.
  • Do I have to live in Washington DC to be a TEDxUStreet speaker?
    No, you do not have to live in Washington DC. If you choose to participate in any TEDxUStreet local events, you must provide and pay for your own transportation & accommodations, we are no longer streaming talks virtually. All of our speakers need to present their ideas in person. Unfortunately, we can not offer suggestions regarding lodging accommodations.
  • Is there a fee to be a speaker
    No. We do not charge individuals to be speakers.
  • Can you give me some tips to consider when completing my application?
    1. Make sure your idea is one clear sentence that addresses a clear problem worth solving. 2. Make sure your talk includes the solution to the problem you are solving. 3. Follow the directions and answer all of the questions with authenticity and vulnerability - keep it short and concise. 4. Remember, even if you are telling a personal story – where are you going with it? What’s your idea? How will it inspire others? 5. Make sure your entire talk is not a series of anecdotal stories about yourself. Your talk must be rooted in evidence based material. 6. Make sure your audition tape is no longer than 5 minutes and it shows your personality. Also, make sure your link not set to private. 7. Dream big. Strive to create the best talk you have ever given. Reveal something never seen before. Do something the audience will remember forever. Share an idea that could change the world. 8. Be vulnerable. Show us the real you. Share your passions, your dreams and also your fears. Speak of failure as well as of success and connect with your emotions. 9. Make the complex plain. Don’t try to dazzle intellectually. Don’t speak abstractly. Explain! Give examples. Tell stories. Be specific. And make sure you check your sources and data. Oh and skip any commercial, political or religious agenda. 10. Make the story worth listening to. Connect with your audience, make them laugh! Make them cry! Take them on a journey. And make sure your audience feels motivated or more self-aware after your story.
  • What is Bold + Brilliant = Badass?
    Bold + Brilliant = Badass is our Mantra!  What do we mean when we say, Bold + Brilliant =  Badass?  To be Bold, means you are willing to speak out for the issues that mean the most to you.  To be Brilliant, means you have the experience, knowledge, and passion needed to advocate for your idea. When you combine Bold + Brilliant, the results is a Badass. Being a Badass means that, despite your fear, any potential backlash/criticism, or how unpopular your idea maybe to some, you will still push forward to share your truth.    ​
  • Is the application and event only for women?
    No. Anyone can attend and speak. The only requirement is that the topic must be relatable to women.
  • What is the "People's Choice" Speaker
    In 2023, we hosted our first "People's Choice" Talent Showcase. We had over 15k votes for the 2023 People's Choice winner. This year we will host a Talent Showcase with the theme of The Future of Global Democracy. The winner(s) will grace the stage to become the next TEDxUStreetWomen speaker. Coming from all walks of life, individuals are given the opportunity to present their ideas (in person) on stage within 5 minutes to be awarded the "People's Choice" speaker of the year. During these 5 minutes they strive to convince the curation team and the audience of their TED-worthy speech. We will use an online voting system to track the progress. Winner(s) will automatically become a TEDx speaker at our main event.  In addition to the talent showcase, the Curation Team will provide feedback and tips to the group on how to deliver a great TEDx talk.  The winners will then get the chance to stand on the main TEDxUStreetWomen stage as the "People's Choice" Speaker of the Year. Click here for more details.
  • Is it true that you are no longer having an open application process for your main event?
    YES. TEDxUStreetWomen is no longer having an open application process. TEDxUStreetWomen is moving to an invite only process, where our curation team formally invites individuals to become a TEDx speaker. In lieu of an open application process, we will hold annual Watch Parties and Talent Shows where individuals can submit an application to become the People Choice Speaker. The winner of the People's Choice Speaker will automatically receive an invitation to be a speaker for our main event - TEDxUStreetWomen.
  • Do you get paid to curate a TEDx event?
    No, no one on our team is paid. We are all volunteers.
  • I was not selected, can you provide feedback?
    Given the volume of applications, we are unable to provide feedback at this time, but we hope that you stay connected with all things TED.
  • How do you fund your event?
    Ticket sales, sponsorships, partnerships, & LOVE..😍 ALL proceeds go towards the event. We take donations as well. TED does not help fund our events.
  • I submitted the same pitch for another stage and was not selected, can I submit the same idea?
    Yes. If you presented on the TED stage before, please make sure your idea is different.
  • If I can not get a refund, can I give my ticket away?
    Yes, tickets are transferable. Please contact the organizer for transfer information.
  • My plans changed, can I get a refund?
    Unfortunately none of our events registration fees are refundable. All of our income go directly to the costs of holding the event.
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