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Hey There!

I am so excited about our upcoming TEDxUStreetWomen Conference on Monday November 6, 2023! This year's theme takes doing better to another level.  You will hear speakers share their ideas on how doing better is not enough, we as humans need to BE Better.  To be better means to do things at a higher degree often and consistently to create sustainability. Join us as we look at ways to Be Better humans.  This year's conference will be held at:

The University of the District of Columbia Theater of the Arts

4200 Connecticut Avenue NW

Washington DC 20008

Experience amazing TEDx speakers, a networking reception, lunch, vendors filled with women-owned businesses, live entertainment, a Tech Detox Zone where our attendees can temporarily disconnect from their devices and engage in activities that promote mindfulness and digital detox hosted by GirlTrek,  activities during the breaks, a tour of the UDC's Smithsonian's Anacostia Community Museum Exhibit that highlights impacts of the 1963-1975 protest years on Washington DC , and other activities/events the weekend prior all geared towards our mantra and theme! 

  Bold + Brilliant = Badass!


Our license from TED only affords us a limited number of individuals attending the event. Therefore, registration will go fast.  Sorry, this is a TED  requirement.  


We now have half day ticket options available. Get your tickets now!


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