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Talent ShowcaseGuidelines


Complete the online application.  Make sure you pick which day you want to audition. There are two opportunities to audition.

Our curation team will review all applications and contact the applicant with next step details.   Make sure you answer all questions.  There may be more than one winner. Check out our FAQ page before you apply.


During the TEDxUStreetSalon event, the applicant presents their idea to the audience and curation team.  We are not looking for perfection, just someone with an idea worth sharing.  Both events includes a Q & A on TED/TEDxUStreetWomen guidelines hosted by the Executive Producer. Once the person becomes the People's Choice Speaker, we will formally train them for our main TEDxUStreetWomen event in the Fall of 2025.


Online voting for the speakers will begin after all of the speakers have auditioned at each event.  At each event, the audience will vote for the top 5 individuals (semi-finalists).  The semi-finalists from each event (total of 10) will compete with each other on February 25, 2025 for the ultimate prize - The People's Choice Winner. If you are not chosen, don't worry, the curation team awards Golden Tickets to individuals who may not get the most votes, but have an idea that deserves to be on stage.   


The People's Choice winner will be announced at the February 2025 event.  The winner will become the People's Choice Speaker for the next TEDxUStreetWomen event. This is a guaranteed spot.  The winner will not need to apply again to be a speaker.





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