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Hey There!

I am so excited about our upcoming Talent Showcase on Saturday June 29, 2024 from 11am - 3pm! We are hosting three talent showcases where we give the stage to individuals with little or no experience in public speaking to earn a spot on the next TEDxUStreetWomen stage.  Coming from all walks of life they are given the opportunity to present their ideas on stage in 5 minutes to be awarded the "People's Choice" speaker of the year. During these 5 minutes they strive to convince the curation team and the audience of their TED-worthy speech. We will use an online voting system to allow the "People" to choose the next person to stand on the red dot.  The winner will then get the chance to stand on the main TEDxUStreetWomen stage as the "People's Choice" Speaker of the Year. The first event will be held at:

Busboys & Poets

625 Monroe Street, NE

Washington DC 20017

Register now to vote for the next TEDx speaker. The future of the next TEDx speaker is in your hands.  Our license from TED only affords us a limited number of individuals attending the event in person. Therefore, registration will go fast.  Sorry, this is a TED  requirement (for now).  



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