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TEDxUStreetWomen will highlight women owned businesses during the networking reception.   We still have a few opportunities for your company to display your products and/or services to our attendees.  If you would like us to display your product/service, please contact us at

Music and Photo Booth

Join us for a music and entertainment.  We will have customize playlist as well as a 360 booth with red carpet, ring light angles, themed party props with immediate digital files available for sharing via email or text message.  


Women Owned Businesses

Whether you are showcasing your products or services or demonstrating your Bold techniques, our exhibit hall is the place for you.  The time is now to take action to market your business to a curarated group of Bold, Brilliant and Badass women!  Click here to see the vendors.



We will have performances throughout the event.  If you would like to perform during our event, please contact us at


GirlTrek Detox Zone

Tech Detox Zone: This designated area is where our attendees can temporarily disconnect from their devices and engage in activities that promote mindfulness and digital detox

Let's Work Together

Don't miss this opportunity to showcase your vision and your passion to women of like minds.  Learn more NOW!

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