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Thank you to our vendors.  Take time out to visit them today or tomorrow!


Moments in Time Foundation

Moments In Time Foundation is a non-profit organization providing HIV/AIDS and Covid-19 education, awareness, and advocacy in the District of Columbia. Through its vision of inclusiveness to reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS in the community.

Through Education and Awareness I create MOMENTS IN TIME for people to live in their POWER and FREEDOM. This journal/planner will allow you to plan and navigate through your experiences. Visit

Location: Author's Corner -Lower Level

SurThrive Tribe

Was It My Fault is a story about psychological abuse and the impact it has on the mind, body, and spirit. The author shares intimate details of her toxic marriage to an abusive, narcissistic ex-husband, and the post separation abuse she endured after leaving. She also shares her journey out of the depths of despair to survive and thrive post separation while battling dubious legal tactics, counter-parenting, parental alienation claims, and harassment. It’s the author’s hope that her story will inspire someone who may be in a toxic relationship and feeling alone to not give up and find a path forward. Book Purchase:

Location: Author's Corner -Upper Level

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Miramore Ponte


Miramare Ponte Press helps people recognize the worth and value of their story through trauma-certified coaching, community, and an online course. They additionally help people get their stories into the homes, hearts, and hands of the world through publishing consultations and Done-for-You publishing services. Learn more at or

Location: Author's Corner-Lower Level

LaMoJo Designs

Custom jewelry made from the finest gems.

Location: Upper Level

Pour Pairings

20220108_081958_0000 (3).png

Pour Pairings is an at-home food and wine experience. We curate the delicious snacks and fun wine accessories based off of our "Wine of the Month" and you curate the vibes! Whether it's for a little bit of self care or a fun night with friends, it's the perfect way to take the guesswork out of discovering your new favorite sips and snacks. Visit them at 

Location: Upper Level

Fashion Spa House

Our founder Cynthia Rumph has been a nurse since 1993. She suffered with eczema as a child and remembers how isolated she felt in social gatherings. Active eczema discomforts accompanied by old eczema scars was the driving force behind starting her first business.

Fashion Spa House is a culmination of several businesses to create one specialty retail experience. Our founder started her skincare brand Anasa Life in 2006 to combat the symptoms of eczema and provide safe medicinal alternatives for other skin ailments. The brand has expanded to include plant-based products for hair, face and body that is safe for the whole family.

In 2011 the "SPA" aspect of the business was opened, and treatments were all formulated at the time of service to treat everyone independently.

In 2012 the t shirt brand and fashion accessories line were created. The t shirt line is a self-loving and self-affirming brand whose messages combined with a high-quality unisex t shirt, makes for a great fashion inclusion. The accessories line is a mixed media masterpiece for the artsy jewelry enthusiast. Variety ranges from simple duplicatable designs to artistic one of one wearable art.

In June of 2016, all these businesses were melded together to offer one amazing retail experience known as Fashion Spa House. Although the physical “SPA" component ended 6/1/2020, the founders continue to offer at home spa treatments shipped directly to clients to enjoy at home. These rituals help our future and current clients sustain wellness and self-care practices at home.  Visit them at

Location: Lower Level

EViE Tagline on bottom.jpg

Evie Financial

EViE Financial is a holistic financial planning and wealth management firm built on the following principles: passion for education in the planning process, vitality in one's financial life, independence in the approach to providing services, and empowerment to move forward successfully, no matter the financial goal. Learn more at or

Location: Lower Level

Vine Wine Club

The Vine Wine Club is your premier wine club that presents wines from all over the world through curated events such as monthly tastings, shipments, wine dinners and our annual Exclusive Blacklist Weekend, Celebrating African Americans in wine and spirits.  Its owner, Benita Johnson, is also the producer of Exclusive White Wine, a bright and fruity wine that pairs well with fun! Vine Wine club will host a wine tasting event at 3pm at their booth.  Stop by and see them.     Visit our site for up-to-date event information at

Location: Upper Level

Operation Blessing

Operation Blessing is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) humanitarian organization dedicated to demonstrating love by alleviating human need and suffering in the United States and around the world through hunger relief, medical aid, disaster relief and clean water. For more than 40 years, we have provided relief to millions, through compassionate, efficient, and locally focused programs where we target the specific needs of those we serve and provide a gateway to our partners to help those who are suffering and in need. Visit them at

Location: Upper Level

Millie's International Creations 

We handcraft authentic African jewelry, accessories, home decor and leather goods.  Visit us at

Location: Upper Level

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AAUW-DC Branch

Advance gender equity for women and girls through education and advocacy and the support DC Statehood. Visit them at

Location: Upper Level

Wines for Humanity

We are a Wine Tasting Event company dedicated to introducing the public to fine wines while raising funds for charity. Our delicious wines are sourced from award-winning vineyards the world over. The hosts of these private Wine Tasting Events and their guests relax and enjoy the wines in a fun, educational environment. Not only does everyone have an extraordinary time with great wines and good friends, but a portion of the proceeds from every bottle promoted directly benefits families in their community who find themselves on the brink of homelessness for reasons beyond their control. At Wines for Humanity we believe no family in America with children should become homeless through circumstances beyond their control.

Wines for Humanity is also a social enterprise. We not only believe in helping the world around us, we also believe that charity starts at home. A portion of the company's profit will go to: 1. Our own in-house charity for our Wines for Humanity family; 2. Profit sharing with our Team Leaders that grow the organization significantly; and 3. Further personal development of the Wine Advisors within Wines for Humanity. Visit them at

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Location: Upper Level

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