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Talent Night

Application Deadline April 3


Individuals with little to no speaking experience apply to become the "People's Choice" Speaker.  Our curation team reviews all applications and contacts the applicant with next step details.  The "People's Choice" Speaker is only for individuals will little to no public speaking experience.  Key note speakers and anyone with experience speaking should not apply.  Check out our FAQ page before you apply.  Deadline April 3, 2023.


During the TEDxUStreetLive event on May 6, 2023, the applicant presents their idea to the audience and curation team.  We are not looking for perfection, just someone with an idea worth sharing.  Once the person becomes the People's Choice Speaker, we will formally train them for our main TEDxUStreetWomen event in the Fall.


Online polling for the speakers will begin after all of the speakers have given their talk.  All the talks will be filmed for after event voting.  The online polling system will remain open for 48 hours after the event on our website.  Individuals who were not able to make it, will still be able to participate in the People's Choice Speaker Award.  We encourage all applicants to share the poll with others in their network.


The winner will be announced via social media links within 72 hours after the event ends.  The winner will become the People's Choice Speaker for the next TEDxUStreetWomen event. This is a guaranteed spot.  The winner will not need to apply again to be a speaker.  

Good Luck


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