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DATE:  Monday November 6, 2023

TIME:  9am - 2pm

LOCATION:  The University of the District of Columbia

4200 Connecticut Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20008



Immediately after the conference


November 4, 2023

GirlTrek Black History Walking Tour & Brunch

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Microphone Closeup



TEDxUStreetWomen will feature 10 live speakers who will present their ideas around our theme: "Bold + Brilliant = Badass:  BE BETTER".  We've all heard the saying - do better.  We've even challenged ourselves to do better.  This year's theme takes doing better to another level.  You will hear speakers share their idea's on how doing is not enough, we as humans need to BE Better.  To be better means to do things at a higher degree often and consistently to create sustainability.  Join us as we look at ways to Be Better humans. NOTE:  WE NO LONGER HAVE A OPEN APPLICATION PROCESS.  NO UNSOLICATED APPLICATIONS PLEASE

The People's Choice Award Winners

On May 6, 2023, we held a Talent Showcase during our TEDxUStreetLive event where individuals from all over the country came to DC to win a ticket to speak during the next TEDxUStreetWomen's event.  Fourteen (14) women from Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky, Alabama, New York, California, and Texas came to pitch their idea to win a spot on the TEDxUStreetWomen's stage.  After their pitch, the "People" voted to decide who would be the next People's Choice Winner.  We had over 14k votes - both virtually and in person.  In the end, two winners emerged as the "People's Choice Award" winners.  Click here to find out who won and will be the first two speakers to grace the TEDxUStreetWomen's stage  in November!  Take a look at the photos from the event!


In addition to the speakers, you will enjoy various performers - local poets, singers, & dancers.   We haven't forgotten about networking, join your fellow attendees for networking opportunities all while listening to the latest music by a local performer.  


The TEDxUStreetWomen team will organize a networking reception and various activities the weekend prior to the conference. Break bread with the TEDxUStreetWomen team and others as we prepare for a phenomenal event with equally phenomenal speakers. GirlTrek will host a Black History Walking Tour on U Street. Space is limited.  Walking tour is included in the registration fee. Learn more.


Experience Washington DC - past and present.  Experience the Smithsonian's exhibit Twelve Years that Shook and Shaped Washington: 1963-1975 which is located at the University.  This exhibit was researched, developed, and produced by the Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum.  Funded in part by the University of the District of Columbia and the Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation. 

TED Women2023

We will stream portions of the Official TED Women 2023 Conference (market rate             $3,000.00 US).  The theme this year is "Two Steps Forward".   We all know that when it comes to global gender equity, there's still so much work to be done. It's time to reset, to rethink, to collectively imagine different ways forward. 

This year we’ll joyfully celebrate those taking bold strides into the future, those working unapologetically to make big dreams become reality. Whether working on new models of equity and inclusion or blazing trails as pioneers, this year's speakers demonstrate luminous new thinking and ideas designed to enchant, uplift and inspire us all.

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